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As the numbers and type of connected devices, applications, and technologies increase in your schools, so too does the complexity of your networking environment. Having scalable and robust network services that can be easily adapted and expanded over time is not only crucial to the success of your school's implementation of technology today but creates the foundation for the technologies in the future.

IVS can help you design and develop IT solutions customized for your education environment. Our IT professionals are not only experts on network design and infrastructure, they have hands-on experience working with the components that make up your 21st Century Classroom environments.

Let IVS help you enhance your network reliability, performance and security to serve the needs of your school's students, faculty, and staff. We can help you provide networking solutions that allow for rapid, collaborative information sharing while ensuring that data is secure and protected.

Our IT solutions help you:

  • drive productivity, enhance collaboration and streamline processes
  • maintain appropriate access and control over network services
    • remote administration capabilities
    • enhanced visibility, monitoring, and reporting
    • role-based assignment of network, application, and device access
    • management capabilities that enable your teachers to maintain control of their classrooms
    • secure mobile access to support 1:1 laptop initiatives
  • implement measures that enforce your security and compliance policies
  • safeguard student privacy and the integrity of the institution's resources
  • comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

Let IVS help you lower your operational costs by simplifying your IT structure, making it more efficient and easier to manage. Give us a call today!

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