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IVS is an approved vendor for all of the purchasing programs listed below. If you think you may be eligible for one or more of these programs, please give us a call so that we can help you select the program that would best suit your needs.

Government Contracts


Government can count on GSA's technology and telecommunications solutions. Use the flexible contracting options that meet your needs to get the latest IT solutions. They offer access to products as small as cell phones and software, up to complex IT acquisitions, commercial satellite services, and global solutions.

Purchasing Programs


The California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) offers a wide variety of commodities, non-IT services and information technology products and services at prices which have been assessed to be fair, reasonable and competitive.

All California state and local government agencies and educational institutions are invited to utilize these contracts.

Digital Edge (Oregon)

The DigitalEdge utilizes the power of numbers to bring the cost down on technology products and audio visual equipment. This program eliminates the need for purchasers who require high volumes to conduct their own competitive bid.

As a participant in the DigitalEdge purchasing program, IVS guarantees competitive pricing on educational technology and audio-visual solutions available to K-12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, public libraries, regional service agencies, state departments, and other governmental agencies in Oregon.


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Purchasing Information

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Vendor Authorization No.: ESD112-DE-09
IVS Approved States: Oregon

Digital Edge Purchasing Program


The Organization for Educational Technology & Curriculum (OETC) is a non-profit membership consortium that provides access to educational technology through group purchasing and training. OETC represents hundreds of public school districts as a contracting agency and conducts RFPs on their behalf.

OETC aggregate the buying power of their membership so that everyone gets a great price, and saves time and money by not duplicating the bid process. So, whether you are buying 500 licenses of Microsoft Office, or one, OETC gives everyone the same low price.


This program called PEPPM (pronounced PEPum), is a national technology bidding and purchasing program for schools, agencies and libraries that provides bid protection and pricing for the top brands of technology.

PEPPM's bidding and purchasing program does the bid legwork for you in advance, soliciting sealed competitive bids on popular lines of computer equipment, peripherals, software, audio-visual and communication products. When you purchase through PEPPM, you save time, money and can satisfy state competitive bidding requirements.


The Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) was formed to establish a means by which participating states could join together in cooperative multi-state contracting and achieve cost-effective and efficient acquisition of quality products and services.

Membership consists of the central procurement official that heads the state central procurement organization, (or a designee for that state), from Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

All governmental entities within WSCA states as well as authorized governmental entities in non-WSCA states are welcome to use the approved agreements. Cooperative purchasing benefits states as well as cities, counties, public schools and institutions of higher education.

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