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Digital Curriculum Presenter™

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This web-based assessment tool works seemlessly across multiple platforms. Get it? supports the open standard for assessment (IMS GLC QTI).

The DCP formative assessment feature – Get it? - facilitates instantaneous feedback to both students and teachers. The assessment results are recorded centrally, thereby enabling comprehensive reporting of data.

iPad® and iPhone® Apps
Go to the App Store to download the FREE SAFARI Montage iPad® and iPhone® Apps that work in conjunction with a properly configured SAFARI Montage® server. Accessing room device controls and video content from a SAFARI Montage® server has never been easier. Smartphones and mobile devices become Virtual Student Response Systems for formative assessment.

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Class View - Get It?

class view - get it?

Digital Curriculum Presenter Platform System Requirements:

  • SAFARI Montage® v.5.3
  • Requires SAFARI Montage Operating System version 8, requiring a new hard drive for existing customers
  • Requires SAFARI Montage CreationStation®
  • Requires SAFARI Montage WAN Manager
  • Managed Home Access highly recommended
  • (Some existing customer servers may require a memory upgrade or may not be supported.)