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Digital Curriculum Presenter™

A Simple and Elegant Interface

Digital Curriculum Presenter™ is an intuitive and engaging visual presentation tool that integrates with all classroom technology, including document and web cameras, interactive whiteboards, projectors and DVD players to increase time-on-task teaching time for even the most technology-resistant teachers.

Classroom lessons will flow smoothly, as teachers will no longer need to have multiple windows open during a lesson and thereby search to find content.

Mobile Device Integration

Supports mobile devices for both teacher presentation and for student playback in one-to-one wireless environments (i.e. iPad®, Android™ based devices, iPhone®, netbooks)

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Digital Curriculum Presenter Platform System Requirements:

  • SAFARI Montage® v.5.3
  • Requires SAFARI Montage Operating System version 8, requiring a new hard drive for existing customers
  • Requires SAFARI Montage CreationStation®
  • Requires SAFARI Montage WAN Manager
  • Managed Home Access highly recommended
  • (Some existing customer servers may require a memory upgrade or may not be supported.)