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Digital Curriculum Presenter™

Digital Curriculum Developer provides a school district or an educational publisher with a single platform for developing the scope and sequence for a digital curriculum. It allows multiple course developers to work in the same course simultaneously. Assessment questions are designed to support standards from IMS GLC QTI.

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Curriculum Developer View

curriculum developer view

As in SAFARI Montage®, teacher and administrators using Digital Curriculum Presenter can effectively:

  • Employ robust Digital Rights Management (DRM) designed specifically for K-12
  • Access content, features and functions from home
  • Add lesson assets through SAFARI Montage® via SAFARI Montage CreationStation®

Search the Repository

search the repository

Create and Edit Lessons

create and edit lessons

Digital Curriculum Presenter Platform System Requirements:

  • SAFARI Montage® v.5.3
  • Requires SAFARI Montage Operating System version 8, requiring a new hard drive for existing customers
  • Requires SAFARI Montage CreationStation®
  • Requires SAFARI Montage WAN Manager
  • Managed Home Access highly recommended
  • (Some existing customer servers may require a memory upgrade or may not be supported.)