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Digital Curriculum Presenter™

SAFARI Montage Digital Curriculum Presenter™ (DCP) is a monumental new teaching tool that provides a platform for teachers to present a complete digital curriculum capable of supporting and simplifying the playback of over 40 different file types. Integrated with Moodle® and other Learning Management Systems (LMS), DCP offers teachers a single interface from which they can deliver an entire lesson without having to switch between multiple media players and technologies. DCP ties course development with course delivery, providing a cost-effective alternative to the traditional textbook model. DCP also enhances the course development process, and it is a fully open platform that supports third party content and uses IMS GLC QTI (Question & Test Interoperability).

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Digital Curriculum Presenter™ - Teacher View

Distance Learning

Virtual field trips replace costly traditional field trips, while preserving the essence of the experience for students. Connects remote students with teachers efficiently and economically.

Full Integration

Integrates other SAFARI Montage® modules into the curriculum, including videoconferencing, live streams (camera or DTV) or recorded television programs via Network-DVR.

Digital Curriculum Presenter™ Platform System Requirements:

  • SAFARI Montage® v.5.0
  • Requires SAFARI Montage Operating System version 8, requiring a new hard drive for existing customers
  • Requires SAFARI Montage CreationStation®
  • Requires SAFARI Montage WAN Manager
  • Managed Home Access highly recommended
  • (Some existing customer servers may require a memory upgrade or may not be supported.)