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SAFARI Montage® Managed Home Access

The SAFARI Montage® system has forever changed visual instruction in many of the country's school districts. Now, that experience can extend beyond the school into the homes of teachers and students. Managed Home Access provides school districts with capabilities that surpass those offered by streaming services.

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safari montage home access

How It's Used

  • Teachers can do their lesson planning using SAFARI Montage® resources from home after school.
  • Connects parents to the school by accessing streamed school plays, football games, recitals, special presentations, Superintendent and Principal addresses, school board meetings and more.
  • Student homework is supported with rich media previously only available to them in school.
  • Ideal for homebound students to see content being shown in class.
  • NEW! 4.0 – Now teachers can upload files from home to a central server through enhancements to SAFARI Montage Creation Station® made possible with the release of Version 4.0.

How It Works

A single server called the SAFARI Montage Managed Home Access Streamer is installed in the school district and hosts lower bit-rate encoded, high quality (300kbps) video files for streaming to the home. Teachers can create playlists from home, save them and have them accessible in the morning at school. Schools can upload their own user-created video content so that students, teachers and parents can view it from home. The System Administrator can control outbound Internet bandwidth consumption by predetermining the amount of content that can be streamed out by the number of concurrent streams/users and total bandwidth, all by time of day. One setting can be used during school hours and another during the evening. The SAFARI Montage Streamer is fully integrated with the district’s LDAP usernames and passwords.

Digital Rights Management

The extensive DRM features that are inherent to SAFARI Montage® are applied to Managed Home Access. The DRM helps a district comply with copyright and license terms by protecting content from deliberate and inadvertent misuse. Content is managed by expiration date, accessibility by user type, number of licenses, downloadability and now, home access.

Maximize Your Investment

  • Students can access resources for homework assignments so that classroom time is used more efficiently and effectively.
  • Teachers can maximize their time by having the tools to prepare their multimedia lesson plans after school hours.
  • The instructional day is extended beyond school walls while still allowing access to all school resources.

Requires the purchase and installation of a SAFARI Montage Managed Home Access Streamer, and SAFARI Montage OS Version 3.2 and above.