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SAFARI Montage® Selective Video Streaming

SAFARI Montage® Selective Video Streaming (SVS) allows district administrators to manage which video-based resources are accessible to teachers and students, ensuring that only appropriate content reaches the classroom and that bandwidth consumption is controlled. In most cases, SVS eliminates the need to upgrade old coax/RF networks.

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Assign Streams to Schools

assign streams to schools

Access and Manage Live Streams

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Steaming Video

Pre-selected internet video streams and cable TV channels (requires consent from cable provider) appropriate for the classroom. Live video from digital cameras such as live school news.

A Cost-Cutting Solution When Switching to a Digital Delivery Model

Now that the federal mandate to switch to Digital TV is in effect, some school districts are finding that their old traditional coax/RF networks need to be upgraded in order to function. The SAFARI Montage Selective Video Streaming (SVS) module, along with a SAFARI Montage Digital Encoder, offers a smarter and less expensive approach to delivering DTV. By running it over the school district's data network, DTV/IPTV is easily accessible by devices such as projectors/interactive whiteboards.