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SAFARI Montage® WAN Manager

The SAFARI Montage® WAN Manager module offers districts and Regional Media Centers a solution for controlling the storage, delivery, access and Digital Rights Management (DRM) of all their digital media without compromising network integrity.

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A Flexible and Scalable Media Network

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SAFARI Montage® WAN Manager is a flexible and scalable system that is designed to optimize high bandwidth with central servers, but can be perfectly suited for low-bandwidth WANS by placing servers within the schools. In either situation, districts will enjoy the control and convenience of managing their content centrally. This system can be supplemented with a dedicated SAFARI Montage® Managed Home Access Streamer which provides 24/7 access for teachers, students and parents to the district's digital resources.

The WAN Manager software allows System Administrators to control all system configurations, permissions and users from one interface, and features load-balancing functionality for efficient distribution regardless of bandwidth. Their powerful SAFARI Montage® WAN-1240 server (powered by custom-configured, enterprise-class servers from Dell) is the backbone of their Wide Area Network implementation and, together with the WAN Manager software, provides an elegant solution for delivering digital media throughout a district.