Training Solutions

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Professional Development for teachers

IVS Professional Development goes beyond 'basic training'. Once you have the basic understanding of how to use your classroom technology, we take your skills to the next level and show you how to:

  • maximize features within the various software programs
  • increase your overall efficiency
  • BOOST your core curriculum

We not only help you learn new skills but develop new insights into pedagogy and your own classroom practice. Based on your own personal classroom goals, we can help you build your own Professional Development plan that will make the most of your classroom environment.

Special Events

In addition to our course offerings, we provide other opportunities for you to to improve upon your technology skills; learn fresh strategies, techniques and methods for classroom challenges as well as stay up to date with the latest trends. See our event calendar for our upcoming events.

User Groups

Further enhance your skills by attending one of IVS' User Group events.

  • Explore different ways of using technology
  • Share best practices
  • Collaborate with peers in content creation

Smart Saturdays

Educators and administrators come together to share lesson activities and present new ideas.

  • see how lessons were created and delivered
  • see what lessons teachers are currently using in the classroom
  • ask questions about student results

Training for Education

Education is a journey, not a destination.